FUSIONGUARD® was born in 2015 as a new brand focused on the manufacturing and distribution of splice closures FUSIONGUARD® allows alliances with our customers in order to always provide the best option to safeguard their network.

Our plants

Ou plastic injection plant is capable of producing over 50,000 splice closures a month.

We are capable of giving one of the best lead times in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean as well as guarantee the highest quality in our raw materials. Ensuring the durability of our splice closures in each one of your projects.

IP68 Rated

Our splice closures are dust and UV resistant and they have great mechanical properties, we offer a variety of completely sealed closures ( IP68 ). 

FUSIONGUARD® is splice closure is adaptable to any fiber optic cable, and the installation method can be buried in manhole, handles, antenna and wall/post.                                                                                      

FUSIONGUARD® offers the only splice closure with 1 to 12 splices  on the market IP68 rated  that offers different coupling methods (fusion splicing, LC-SC) on the same closure, ideal for quick fiber installation or repair, this product is suitable for most round common cables and flat drop.

Which saves time and money on the field.


The FUSIONGUARD® splice closures are tailored made according to the needs of each  customer, with an engineering departament fully prepared and ready to work alongside our customers, because we know that every project and network is different.

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